How to collaborate with your child’s school using the ACT Matrix.

Join us as we explore the ACT Matrix and how you can use it to increase psychological flexibility as you collaborate with your child’s school team.

Crowdcast– link

Watch our last crowdcast to learn tips on how to advocate for your child at your next school meeting using my new PULL tips. Think of all the doors and opportunity that will open when you take your advocating to the next level.

Is it working? What a great and powerful question to really focus on when having a meeting with the school. These three words where such a great take away from today’s crowdcast. I am so surprised every time I use and learn more about the ACT matrix; it is such an amazing tool. Check out more from Kathryn at Thrive Consultation and Therapy on how to work through the ACT matrix.

View and review the powerpoint before, during or after the crowdcast!

Check out other Crowdcast topics:

How to increase your psychological flexibility when advocating for your special needs child.

Up Next week:

How to use the ACT Matrix to collaborate with healthcare providers. Follow Thrive Consultation and Therapy for new crowdcasts.

Reach out via email or comment below with any questions regarding meeting with your child’s school and advocacy.

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