How to increase your psychological flexibility when advocating for your special needs child.

Learn how to advocate for your special needs child using the ACT Matrix!   Gain more psychological flexibility and grow in your ability to support your child’s journey through school, therapies, doctor’s appointments and more!  Join Kathryn Bovino and Ruth Brunson, {Parent, Educator, Author, and Advocate) to sort out advocating for your child.

I had the opportunity to guest speak with Kathryn from Thrive about advocacy and using the ACT matrix. Please enjoy the crowcast links to session 1 and 2 as well as the powerpoint with information on what the ACT matrix is and how to use the matrix to help you on your advocacy journey. This is such an amazing tool.

Contact Kathryn Bovino for support with the ACT matrix. Kathryn at THRIVE Consultation and Therapy

Thrive Consultation and Therapy website


Join our Crowdcast session 1 and session 2 to learn more!

Be sure to follow Thrive Consultation and Therapy on social media and Crowdcast for more information.

If you are not already follwing Ruthfulness for post updates and information make sure to do that for regular updates.

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