Love on the Spectrum

have you seen it?

what I love

the adults and the parents are so happy

they want the same relationships and intamacy as anyone else

they pretend or practice before they go on a 1st date

Photo by J U N E on

what breaks my heart

alone; so many spectrum adults are alone or lonely becasue they cannot find people who have common interests

they experience dating issues also; heartbreak or ghosting

real world struggles in life, family, work, education

why you should watch it

it is funny

it is real and like a real dating story or elatity tv show but with how much support and accomodations that are needed

All the show participates have unique interests or abilities

tears but like those tears of happiness. you will totally feel the love through the television!

When start watching, tag me with who you love the most! or leave your favorite love match in the comments!

find Love on the Spectrum on Netflix

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