How to collaborate with your child’s school using the ACT Matrix.

Join us as we explore the ACT Matrix and how you can use it to increase psychological flexibility as you collaborate with your child’s school team. Crowdcast– link Watch our last crowdcast to learn tips on how to advocate for your child at your next school meeting using my new PULL tips. Think of allContinue reading “How to collaborate with your child’s school using the ACT Matrix.”

How to increase your psychological flexibility when advocating for your special needs child.

Learn how to advocate for your special needs child using the ACT Matrix!   Gain more psychological flexibility and grow in your ability to support your child’s journey through school, therapies, doctor’s appointments and more!  Join Kathryn Bovino and Ruth Brunson, {Parent, Educator, Author, and Advocate) to sort out advocating for your child. I hadContinue reading “How to increase your psychological flexibility when advocating for your special needs child.”

Leaving Inclusion

leaving an inclusion environment for a more supportive and knowledgeable learning environment. As parents with children on the spectrum or just parents of children with exceptionalities/differences we have always said that inclusion is best. For years, I pushed and pushed for the best inclusion setting I could get for my son. I believe with aContinue reading “Leaving Inclusion”


Ruthfulness the book is available on Amazon. My journey with autism helped me learn how to educate, advocate, access resources, and love in a whole new way. As a family, we have grown through so many experiences. My blog now serves as a way to give to my community so that others know they areContinue reading “Ruthfulness”

Autism and the Tooth Fairy

I think he could care less…. the tooth fairy and autism; does my child really get it? After a long dental surgery to remove five teeth and do other repair work to my 8 year olds teeth, I thought he was finally ready for the tooth fiary. Well, it seems like it is not importantContinue reading “Autism and the Tooth Fairy”

Going to Gardiner

I just found out that we are eligibile for the Gardiner Scholarship. This is something I have thought about but never been in the right place educationally to apply and follow through with changing from the McKay to the Gardiner. My primary reason for switching is money. Unfortunely for many people with children with specialContinue reading “Going to Gardiner”

I took the playground back!

Last week I had it out at the playground; I had enough and I don’t care if I came across like a Karen! I took the playground back! The neighborhood playground was locked for over two months from Covid-19.  When it opened back up my kids were so excited.  We went a few times whenContinue reading “I took the playground back!”

We are going back to school

Hi, from Florida! Florida has been in the news a lot lately regarding the political decision to force schools to open up brick and mortar.  Let’s be clear; this is public schools and I’m a public school teacher that will be sending my children to school this August.   I will be sending my children toContinue reading “We are going back to school”

Happy Birthday!

to me! I had a birthday Sunday and I’d love for you to share and follow my blog, social media pages and book as a gift for me! website: Facebook page: Instagram account: ruthfulnessblog Twitter: ruthfulnessblog Book on Amazon I am also a contributing writing onThe Real Deal of Parenting; so check outContinue reading “Happy Birthday!”