something small makes a big difference

Over Spring Break, we took the kids to the zoo. One request that they had been making was the ride the kiddie coaster. So, we planned to make the day and ride it. We were all concerned about my son with autism because we learned two years ago that not all rides were going to agree with him. Now, we all have PTSD about him throwing up from rides!

We made it on the ride and had a blast. Before we left, my daughter wanted to ride one more time. We left my son out this time because the line was very long and waiting in line is not one of his strengths. He had ice cream instead! LOL! We managed the first time because the line moved fast and the wait wasn’t long.

While we were waiting in the longer line the second time, I noticed a boy with an adult (it looked like a grandpa!) getting in the back car. I thought they were going to send the ride with only them. That was what made me notice. I also noticed the noise cancelling headphones and the typical atypical behavior of many of our kids on the spectrum.

How cool is the zoo?! They accommodated his special needs by getting him on in the back from the exit ramp so that nobody really noticed. Everyone got to ride and everyone had fun. He even came back to ride it one more time!!

My heart was full and happy and it wasn’t my kid. Something small was really a big deal.

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