Ruthfulness is a blog of stories and information about early intervention and autism. Inspired by a mother’s journey to gain access to the resources her son needed.

Ruth’s goal is to educate about autism and early intervention in the Tampa Bay Area and state of Florida, encourage parents to advocate for their child’s needs and help parents access the proper and necessary therapy. Ruthfulness portrays the struggles, realities and love within her life and along her journey within in her tell all blog.  Ruth provides free education advocacy for parents via her blog.  If you are looking to strengthen your advocacy for your child or utilize any of the Step Up for Students scholarships and need guidance, reach out for more information and check out her resource guide within the appendix of her book for helpful tips.

In October of 2019, Ruth Brunson published her story in her book; Ruthfulness.  Ruth is married to Pierce and together they have three children.  They live in Pinellas County, FL.   

ruth final 2022

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