Autism Schools Directory-Pinellas

Educational options are the hot topic in politics and life right now. So often parents ask for this advise; where do I send my ASD child to school? I have decided to do my best and make a list of suggestions for parents to sort through and see if a school suggested fits their child’s needs.

First up is a list of school for children with autism or spectrum diagnosis. All the students have an exceptionality.

Next is a list of clinic based schools. These would be schools that are based in ABA therapy. This means that the child has ASD diagnosis and insurance provides ABA therapy. In addition, these options would accept Step Up for Students scholarships.

Sometimes with the right child and support general private schools could be more accommodating to a students unique needs. A few that come to mind in Pinellas:

Please leave me your suggestions in the comments! I would love to grow this list or remove a school if it closes so that we have a directory at all times to share within our community. Do you have a school or center to recommend? Please leave it below.

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