When is the last time?

you took time for you?

I don’t know about everyone else but I often leave myself off the schedule or don’t buy food at the store for my lunch or sign everyone up for an activity but don’t take care of my wellness.

Like the directions for emergency on a plane: first place your oxygen mask over your face, then help smaller children.

For November, I want to be thankful for the work and effort I put into caring for others but I want to work on my selfcare effort. My taking care of me effort. My making time to do things I enjoy.

I’d love for you to join me in my taking care of me and doing things I enjoy…please join me on my next Crowdcast. I will share on my social media the link. However, I encourage you to sign up and join then you get the reminders that their is an upcoming event.


It is FREE

My friend, Kathryn has started using this platform and having me as a guest! It is really fun and a great way to feel like I put time into developing me. It’s worth the time and free profile. Follow Thrive Consultation and Therapy for all the upcoming events and guest appearances!


I have been working on learning how to podcast and how to make my blog posts into audio files. I have started and keep putting in time; a little at a time. I’ve had some encouragement to start a podcast and I just might. It will certainly be a learning experiment and definitely an example of putting in work that I love. When I started blogging it was about me sharing what I went through. It was a release, it was for me and about me. I wrote and wrote but never shared. Then I shared it to the world and a book came. So, I procrastinate again and think of starting something new for me, sharing about me. When I start I hope you come and share and fight off all the trolls.

I hope today is the last time; the last time you did something for you.

take care and see you on Crowdcast or someday soon a podcast episode,

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