Moms, does it get any easier?

Does it get any easier raising and fighting for a child that has special needs?moms easier

From my veteran fighting moms….please tell me it does!

In my recent experience this school year, shifting from public to private, I would say that it is not easier; it is different.

Ways it changed:

  1. no more IEP meetings
  2. no more worry about ratio and staff
  3. more access to one on one education
  4. more programming designed for individual instruction and learning
  5. more flexible and extended hours and months
  6. access to specialized treatment
  7. less bureaucracy


How it stayed the same:

  1. still have to constantly advocate for my child and his needs
  2. still have to fight for access to comprehensive resources
  3. still have to kick over a table every now and again
  4. new dealings with McKay Scholarship
  5. continuing to deal with insurance approvals and processes
  6. high turn over in high needs areas like behavior technicians, speech therapists and occupational therapists.


This school year, around October, my son started talking!  Therefore, I am satisfied with my decision to move my son out of public school into private.  I do not have any regrets.  However, I will always have my guard up and will be constantly ready to make changes and continue to advocate for his educational needs.

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