10 reasons why health insurance sucks


you need it…

health insurance


There are so many issues with insurance I’m still not sure where to start writing!

10 reasons why health insurance sucks


  1. you don’t have coverage
  2. high deductibles
  3. high co pays
  4. small networks of doctors
  5. high premiums
  6. denied claims
  7. unpaid claims
  8. documenting spending account transactions
  9. a diagnosis
  10. communication

Did I miss a reason? Comment below…



How I deal with my commercial health insurance policy…

  • I know my coverage and benefit
  • I know my cost, deductibles, premiums, out of pocket max, everything!
  • I check online for my explanation of benefits (EOB)
  • I check my EOB with my providers summary of monthly charges
  • I call at least once a month to have claims reprocessed, explained, or justified
  • I ask for a supervisor often
  • I make copies of everything
  • I fax (old school but cheap and you have a receipt of delivery)
  • I cuss at them over the phone, just because it makes me feel better
  • I ask for support services, treatment plan nurse or employee support programs


Stay connected for more insurance stories in the future and please comment with any ways insurance sucks that I left out!



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