Happy Cry

happy cry


I had two stressful days….well, I’ve had a stressful four months. Today, when I opened my son’s folder from school there was a note from the teacher.  There is normally a note.  However, today was different.  “Max had a great day. He was able to express his needs/wants with us.”    And then I start to cry.

I was happy crying because IT’S WORKING!!!!

All the sleepless night, the hours of driving, the hours of research, the hours of therapy, the hundreds…no thousands of dollars, the repetition at home, the school conferences,We Rock the Spectrum, the ESE friends, the Facebook support groups, the teachers, the aids, the doctors, the endless assessments, the principal, my MIL’s help, the books, and the friends are helping Max grow and manage his world.

I am so proud of him!  He is getting so big and starting to put all the pieces together.  Some days are GREAT and other days we need a lot of interventions and support.

I also just found out that we are going to get an ABA therapist for summer.  Taking it to the next level.  Max is such a cool kid and we love his spirit.  We just want to help him manage school and the outside world so he can keep being a cool kid.

Now, I need the budget to keep up with this growth!



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