Fatigue Fog


Is that a real thing?   Like I’m so fatigued mentally that it’s unclear what I’m doing, supposed to be doing, and who I’m doing it for.  Brain fog is when you just forget things; mom brain is after having kids, dementia is for old people.  What do we call it when you are working, working to support your husband, caring for a special needs child, raising a second child, teaching other kids, and managing a house?  I probably forgot something on that list because I can’t remember more than 5 things at a time.  It’s not really stress…. or is it?!

Who wants to tell me what you think it is?  sleep deprived?  I have been more sleep deprived when I had a newborn.  I have lots to accomplish daily, things get done, some get added and others are not important to complete.  I procrastinate, run late, and forget things I don’t write down regularly.  Yikes!  I’m a mess.

I got to do better and get the fog to out o’here!

Let this mentally tired momma know what you think.


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