Simple things

we moved!

access key

So, happy to have some simple things.   Yesterday, when my 2-year-old said OH NO! I POOPED!  as she is already diaper free.   “Where did you poop?”  She takes me and shows me her diaper on the floor and says. “OH NO! I POOOOPED on the bed!  It’s the simple things like having access to a washing machine and dryer at my house.   I was able to toss it in and get it clean before bedtime.  That wouldn’t have happened at the apartment.

Access is really a key word in so many ways.  When we can access tools, devices, places, services, or things more than others we have more privilege and probably wealth.  Social economic status and access to the best improve situations and quality of life.   Money can do so much for your family by giving you access to the simple things and the most desired materials and services.

Working to make more money to create more access is key to improving our lives and our family legacy.

It may start with a washing machine but where will it end?


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