It’s working!!!!

So, I am proud to say that “IT”S WORKING!!!”

It’s been a long 4-5 months but the changes that have been put into place are working!  School, private speech, private OT, social skills class and home are all on the same page.  Every adult that assists Max has commented in the last 6 days how much growth they are seeing in him.

Last week after meeting an adult with ASD, I went home crying.  Not a sad cry but a relief cry.  Like all that fighting and working is going to make a great adult someday.   I was also able to flash forward and ask this woman questions that I wish my son could answer.  She said to me, “Max reminds me of myself as a child”

I have learned so much in 7 days that this morning I realized that I have to go back and refocus.  I have so much to implement to see more continued growth.

And after all the mean, hurtful things strangers have ever said to me…

tonight; when leaving the grocery store the most kind, compassionate and real praise of my parenting skills.  LOVE.

No, crazy lady screaming to take a parenting class or side eye or adults rolling eyes and plugging their ears. NOPE!  A real, kind ,loving stranger that was happy to see that not all is bad with the world.

I am doing a good job; even on the bad days.  No apologies needed.  Just be me.


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