Happy Birthday baby Social

My anniversary of giving birth to my baby girl!  The first year is done and gone!  WHOA! I can’t believe it; Where is my baby?!

_MG_9839a FINALCool things about her birth story:

1. My due date was the same day at her granddad’s birthday 10/16.

2. I was induced.

3. I was already having contractions when I got there.

4. I decided to be induced on 10/15 because the doctor that delivered my son was at the hospital.

5. The doctor that I worked to schedule almost didn’t make it there in time, I would have had the midwife on call deliver her.

6. I think I only had to push 2-3 times, unlike my first child which was 2 hours.

7. I finally had a 7 pound baby! (first was 9 lbs and I thought; i.e. wished he was 7 lbs)

8.  My hospital stay was like a vacation! Those nurses were awesome!!!

9. I lied to my husband when he would call and ask if I got out of bed and walked around…I would say yes; I had to walk to the bathroom!

10.  How deep a connection we have as mother and daughter.


Things about Social:

  • Favorite game: peek-a-boo
  • Favorite toy at home: mickey mouse book or small orange ball
  • Favorite toy at grandmas: an apple bag where she can carry her books and toys
  • Language: repeats and mimics sounds, says done, dog, duck, like to point and practice the flash cards just like Max
  • Walking! YES!
  • Love: gives big wrap her arms around you hugs, loves to be held and carried
  • Funniest thing she does: makes sounds like a monster
  • Favorite foods: blueberries, green grapes, rice, strawberries, and goldfish

Happy Birthday Social Rae! We love you and are so blessed to have you in our family.  We cannot wait to discover what you will teach us.

with love and kindness,

the mom

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