when mommy needs a time out….

Every so often, mommy needs a time out.  I have to leave the house without children and do something for myself.  This normally happens after several long days or prolonged screaming fits.

Mommy time outs are really for everyone’s safety!


So, Sunday after two days of no afternoon naps and at least 3 hours of an upset and screaming (almost) one year old; I handed her kindly to my husband and told him to take the chicken out of the oven when the time went off and I would be out for a walk.

I knew she would go to sleep for him, especially if I left and wasn’t in site or ear shot.  So, I grabbed my keys and little bag.  I went and filled up the car and then drove to the park and walked a lap.  I got to chill and be outside, alone.  It let me vent to myself and clear my fatigue and frustration.

I knew I needed to get out because I had two nights coming up where I would be solo with the kids.  It can make for a long night if you already frustrated.  So, I got it out and went back home and picked up where I left off….cooking and cleaning the kitchen,

When these things happen as well as other things with my kids I question HOW in the world stay at home moms do it?!  God gave me patience but not that much patience.  I love my kids but I’m not ready for full-time all day mommy daycare!

Why mommy needs a time out…..

1. it’s for everyone’s safety

2. if momma is happy, everyone is happy

3. it’s okay to need to take a break

4. give yourself a mental break, chill, and think of all the awesome stuff in your life

5. come back with love, hugs, kisses, and some appreciation for the support you just got so you could walk and have kid free time

with love and kindness,

the mom

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