I have a child with autism, if I have another baby…

will my baby have autism? If you have more than one child, do you have more than one child with autism? What’s the likelihood that I will have a second child with autism, if my first child has autism? How likely is it to have a second child with autism? Is it selfish to notContinue reading “I have a child with autism, if I have another baby…”

when mommy needs a time out….

Every so often, mommy needs a time out.  I have to leave the house without children and do something for myself.  This normally happens after several long days or prolonged screaming fits. Mommy time outs are really for everyone’s safety! So, Sunday after two days of no afternoon naps and at least 3 hours ofContinue reading “when mommy needs a time out….”

kids birthday parties

This is Maximus at his very own private photo shoot that he’s dad spent hours to make and set up and get a nice cake for!  He did great and the big party came and he fell asleep and never smashed his own 1st birthday cake.  Well, now for Social (second child syndrome) I amContinue reading “kids birthday parties”