kids birthday parties


This is Maximus at his very own private photo shoot that he’s dad spent hours to make and set up and get a nice cake for!  He did great and the big party came and he fell asleep and never smashed his own 1st birthday cake.  Well, now for Social (second child syndrome) I am struggling to get and do all these things that we did so eagerly for Max (first-born syndrome).

We scheduled a time to take some nice pictures of her and it stormed and stormed on our night.  Now, her party is 2 weeks away and we may only get those pictures from her actually party.  I really hope she can stay awake and have a great time smashing her cake.

I don’t know how other moms feel but I feel like there is all this pressure to give your kid this huge party EVERY year!  It’s like at least $300 to throw a minimalist party.  If you want a bounce house or a gym then you are looking at $500.  I think that I must, NO, I know that I’m cheap.  I want to wait to spend that money on a great party on a cool age that my child and friends and family will remember.  Not, at the age of 1 and 3!

So, we are having a party in the park!  There will be food and cake.  I will have table covers and some balloons.  There will be some attempt to give her a theme but my theme is “don’t go over board”.  I think we will have a girl version of “Under the Sea”.   We will bring some balls and games and of course there is the playground. It’s only 2 hours!  I want to see my family and friends smiling and laughing and of course wishing our baby girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

If you expect to have a goody bag to take home; you better grab a soda and sandwich for later!  Enjoy the food and don’t worry I won’t complain when I come to your party and there’s no goody bag.  In fact, I will thank you later.

with love and kindness,

the mom

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