I’m not really a religious person but …..

I have grown up Baptist my entire life and 100% believe in God.  However, I have this new spirituality that is nearly beyond explanation.

Have you ever asked for something from your heart? Have you ever seen or experienced something that you just can’t explain how that seemed so easy or right or just at the right time?

Is it karma, is it the universe, is it God? What is this unimaginably force that can affect lives both positively and negativity.  I get that bad things happen to good people; but how much good things happen to good people?

I believe now more than ever when you live life with love and kindness with a warm heart to help others that there is a universe of energy, light, and life that is returned to you.

First, I have a man in my life that I asked God for! I was hurt in a previous relationship and during my healing, I would ask over and over for a man with certain traits and characteristics.  It sounded like this:

“Dear God, please deliver me a man who will always walk beside me and be my best friend.  A man who is kind, funny and wants me to be a strong loving person.  A man who is not afraid to let me walk in front and will hold my hand if I fall behind.  Give me a man who values family and wants to create a family together; that plays together, eats together, cries together, and laughs together.  Dear God, please send me a man who will always walk with me in life.”

I have come very close to losing this man who I asked for and was delivered because I didn’t work or act to maintain what his needs were.  Now, I ask for help to learn how to meet those needs and communicate with him because I do believe that he was delivered to me.

Second, my son!  I didn’t understand that’s he’s a miracle.  He had a true knot in his umbilical cord and survived through the delivery with no additional care needed.

Maximus 2 year school pic spring

In the beginning of this year my son’s daycare started neglecting his basic care, there was a shift in attitude from the staff and owner.  I searched and searched for a new place but was not able to find an opening until  June.  Then, I got a call from a preschool that I had called about even thought the start time was not going to work for me to drop him off.  I sent my husband to do the walk through, he liked it.  I picked up paperwork and paid $85 to hold a space for August.  I never meet the director, teacher, or any staff other than the secretary.  One month into the new preschool and I promise that this is a gift.

I believe that my son is at this school to receive love and kindness. He is also at this school to learn and grow.  We are finally getting the help we need for him to develop his language. The universe is delivering what I was searching for in a school for my son.  An environment that mirrors home and loves him for him.

When I left the school with him this week, the teacher said” Bye, Max! I love you!”

I didn’t understand how those 3 little words could change my life and my child’s life.  I LOVE YOU from my son’s teacher!

I believe that the universe or God has placed our family at this school, given Max the best teachers, and helped secure the additional help we need to assist with Max’s language issues.

What has happened in my life has so much to do with my actions and hard work to change the current situations but there is an aspect that is beyond explanation.  I’m not really a religious person but there has to be a positive universal force that is providing the easy changes and light into our family’s life.

So, today: September 25th, 2014 I declare that I will have a marriage with Pierce Brunson that is strong where we walk together in life both achieving our goals and meeting each others needs.  Where we as a family will raise children that are kind, loving, and hard-working.  We will walk together, eat together, cry together, laugh together and grow together to positively impact the universe we live in.

Maybe I’m not religious but….

the universe allow good things to happen to good people who live their life

with love and kindness.


the mom

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