With just a match strike

Your life or someone else’s life can flash forward in your mind. All the dreams, ambitions, joy and laughter gone within aglimpse.

That’s the feeling…

That’s how special needs parents feel everyday. How life can be taken from us with an accident or how we wait for aglimpse into our child’s future. All the questions and all the worry everyday. Putting our trust into so many therapists, doctors, medications and special diets just to hope for a change for the better and just one glimpse at a bright future.

So, with just a match strike tonight, I’m reminded of the feeling. It shook me to my core. My daughter (6 in about a month) found the matches in the kitchen drawer. They are hurricane supplies from Irma, I didnt even think about being available to a child. So, while everyone was asleep this afternoon except me, my child got the box. She took out the match stick and struck it.

I was in my room, adjacent to the kitchen . She came to me and told me she made fire with the match. Then I smelled it. Sure enough it had worked for her! You know, I can like never light a match with one try but this girl did.

I asked her where the stick was…she said,

I put it back in the box.

Sure, enough! It was there.

The match stick and all the feelings all at the same time. Not only do I wrestle with my thoughts but how to control my reactions. All that ABA training comes in, I don’t want anymore of this behavior so…I’m not going to overreact. Stay calm and give clear expectations, remove the matches from the kitchen!

I’ve got this, day by day always growing and learning ,

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