A letter to Jace’s mom

Dear Jace’s mom (or dad),

Hi, I’m Max’s mom, I wanted to write to you to introduce myself and thank you for your son’s friendship.

I know that we don’t know each other and our paths don’t cross but for the first time in my son’s life he is talking about a friend at home.You see he just started talking about one year ago.

He never told or talked about school in anyway. He was terribly mistreated and talked about by his peers and teachers at other schools right in front of him. Those people told him he didn’t belong here and asked regularly, what’s wrong with him. We left that school but because of this experience, I had put in my head that he may not have real friends or even be able to share his day with me.

Then recently this year, he began talking about other kids from school. I thought that Jace was just another kid in his school. Well, I was wrong. You see my son has autism and he attends the ABA Academy. His school is within your son’s school. My son receives special one on one education through his school with opportunities for play alongside typical students who attend the private school, the class your son is in. My son tells me all about the games he gets to play with Jace. The best part is how much he laughs and smiles while telling me over and over how they played.

My hope is that someday soon, my son will be ready to join your son back in a traditional or inclusive classroom. Until then I thank you for raising a child that welcomes the challenges my son has and makes friends with him. I can’t thank you enough for the joy you have helped give my son through play and friendship with Jace.

I hope Jace will be returning for next school year and that Max can play with him again. You’ve given me hope that my son can and will create friendships with his peers. Your son has also made my son feel like he belongs, he belongs at school and with his peers not just the other students with autism. In a world full of bullies, I wanted to share the caring and goodness that I see and hear about from your school and son.

Thank you for raising a child who sees the best in others and not their challenges or disabilities.

With love and kindness,

Max’s mom

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