My best wishes for all autism families in 2019!

Happy New Year!

Sending positive thoughts to each of you for 2019. As January has arrived it is time to renew or apply for very important paperwork. In Florida, Florida kid care or healthy kids insurance needs to be renewed. If you so not have any government insurance for your child with autism I would make the time to apply today. Even I’d you believe that you earn too much money to qualify, fill out the application again.

Next, the IEP. Get those meetings scheduled to update your IEP for the second half of the school year. If you are Developmental Delay on your IEP then or is more urgent to move forward with the revaluation because at 6 or kindergarten that code will be dropped.

Last, are you going to stay in public school? Not sure, yet? Start your research on private, charter or other public schools with autism units. Then begin looking into McKay and Gardiner. If you do not have a medical diagnosis yet but have an IEP look at McKay and Step Up for Students. Scholarship applications begin to open in January and February. (These are Florida programs, if out of the state, visit the department of education website for your state for alternative education programs and scholarships for students who have special needs).

Let’s make 2019 a year of advocating, educating and accessing only the best for our children.

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