The Frustration in Dealing with Autism

The frustration of being a parent to a child with autism is real.  It’s a whole new level of frustration at so many things.  Let me count the things and people I’m frustrated with in just the last few days…

  1. the school for not communicating what’s really happening regarding my son’s behavior
  2. myself; for not knowing and believing that what the school told me about the program and progress of my son was accurate
  3. my husband; for telling me what he saw when he observed the school and for not being on the same side of a discussion about long term goals for our son
  4. my son; for not behaving the way I expected in both Target and Aldi’s on Sunday
  5. the lady in Aldi’s; for her repetitive stank remarks and looks at the loud, annoying sounds my son was repetitively making
  6. the doctor; for telling me to ignore a messy behavior
  7. the Sam’s Club and Target; for being out of the organic cheese sticks and pizza bagels


Now, the real deal.  The most frustrating piece of the autism puzzle.  What will my son be able to do as an adult?  How will he function? What will that look like?  What will that cost?   All these questions….

and no answers.

That’s the frustrating piece!


What to do about it?

  1. All I can do is keep working through the frustrations.  Then I work to answer the questions, one by one.
  2. Stay positive and hopeful for change and opportunity.
  3. Communicate to your team of therapists, doctors and teachers about your frustrations and concerns in regards to their programs.
  4. Use your support group or close friend to vent about your feelings; don’t leave them trapped inside.


Looking for patience,

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