a day in the life of a 5 year old with autism, part 1

My son is 5 years old with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  Behaviors have improved and advanced.  I have worked to document our first event of 2017 related to some of the ritual or obsessive behaviors that can be present on varying levels with people on the spectrum.

The video is linked to my YouTube channel for you to watch; it’s 2 minutes.

Background information to the video:  Max loves to do the laundry.  He likes to use the machines and add the soaps to the wash.  He will say wash when he wants to go into the garage to do the activity.  He likes the routine structure of the wash, the first, then approach and that it doesn’t change.  He always knows what to add to the machine, where and how much.  He will also unload the washing machine and start the dryer.  Great occupational therapy (OT) activity too!

So, I had started the wash without him. He was doing other things and not wanting to stop or transition to the wash.  When he came into the garage he started to try to add soap in the start to end process.  Soap had already been added so when I said, “No, no more soap.  It’s all ready done.”  He got upset.  He got so upset that we place him in his room as a way to de-esculate the problem and help him calm down. He could or would not get over the laundry not being done the way he expected.

Watch the candid video below on YouTube.

So, what do you think happens next?  Does it get more of a mess or does Max clean it all up?

Come back for part 2 to find out.



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