holy fever, Batman!


So, Max (my almost 3-year-old son) had a massive fever from noon on Sunday until 4:20 PM Monday.  No other symptoms!

Sick child=no sleep for you!

I stayed home with him Monday because he was so lethargic and sleepy.  I decided in the morning (8:30) to make him a doctor’s appointment.  You know that this is a necessity even though you know it’s a virus.  You have that one time you don’t take your kid to the office till day three and he has a horrible double ear infection and the doctor is like “no wonder he doesn’t want to eat, his throat is very red”.  So, now you pay your copay/deductible/ co-insurance or all of the above to see the doctor for 4 minutes to find out; you were right! It’s a virus.

He had a fever of 99.8 in the parking lot and when I took him in and they took his temperature it was normal.  So, I checked again with mine. (you know I carry my own thermometer!)  It was normal.  What the hell?! I should have made the appointment for 9 am so he could miraculous cure himself hours sooner.

Kids bounce back from sickness and fever so quickly; it’s amazing!

WHOA!  controversial!!!

It looks like it may be an active flu season, so, I may be blogging about lots of fevers this winter.  You can leave your :”I told you so!” comments at that time.

I haven’t had any of those I got the flu shot and got the flu moments, or the i didn’t get the flu shot and got the flu moments either.  I do remember last year, getting the flu shot while pregnant and my son and husband both got this 36 hour stomach bug.  However, I heard that stomach bugs are not the flu.  WHAT?!  I’m so confused.  I see everywhere giving the flu shot, even target was giving them. So, for now we remain un-vaccinated for the flu season 2014.  Maybe after this trial season I will change my mind about the flu shot.  Or maybe next week!

with love and kindness,

the mom

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