Enjoy the Journey

I’ve been working on a big project for Ruthfulness and I was reviewing my summer from 2015!  It was definitely a summer full of sun and fun.  It was also a summer that had some very memorable experiences to add to my journey.  Great decisions, good decisions and bad decisions all packaged up into one summer.  It was the only summer I have ever had that I didn’t have to work!  PicsArt_06-11-02.15.52 (3)

Along my journey there has not been time to reflect.  However, yesterday when I was writing and researching I was looking into what I was doing that summer with Max and in fact with both kids.  Max and I were looking at my Facebook feed from summer ’15 and were talking about it.  I stopped and realized that even though the journey has been a struggle and often I criticize myself for not being a good enough mom, I really worked hard that summer to give my kids and myself a summer experience.  We went to parks, children’s museums, the zoo and even Orlando to Seaworld.

We all go through the journey of raising kids and the experience of school out for the summer.  Max is going to school full time for summer and Social is continuing in her preschool until the end of July, when she will start a new school.  I am continuing to work; summer school, working on photography business and writing.  We are staying busy and the kids are getting to start a fun new activity this month.  I have decided to find moments through the week that will document our journey this summer.  Follow Ruthfulnessblog on Instagram to see more updates about our summer ’17 adventures or visit Ruthfulness on Facebook and share your fun summer moments with us too!

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