a mother’s self image

grey hair me (2)
This is me!

I’m struggling with how I feel compared to how I look in the mirror and more how I look in a photography.

I feel beautiful.

When I look in the mirror I think who is that?

I avoid taking all selfies and try not to take many photos of myself with my kids or husband. When I see my photo the first thing I see is my hair.


The messages my brain receives are so different. I’m confident in the wife, mother, friend, teacher, advocate, and author that I am. I am confident in my decision to go grey.

But who’s that lady in the mirror?

Is that me in that photography?

How long before I can see the new me as me?

Will I always think of myself with brown or red hair? Will that be my internal self image that I hold onto forever?

I read tons of #gombre articles in deciding on going grey before 40 but none of them mentioned how to face your new self identity. Those women just seemed so confident and classy with their hair.  

So, this is me.  I just turned 38 and I’m going grey.  I will love myself inside and out!

Now, to start taking more photographs and making memories with me in them.  If you are struggling with your identity as a mother, wife, woman; join me in celebrating our beauty.  We’re worth it!





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