When you give in or fall off your child’s special diet

I gave in or fell off the special diet….not for myself(this time) but for my son.


There is no good excuse. I just let it happen. In fact, I bought the box (well, 2 boxes now!) of cereal. Ask the mom of this child, a year ago or longer if she would have allowed this type of “sugary” cereal in her house.


All that sugar, dyes and god knows what else that wouldn’t be organic. Never, not for this kid. As organic and none processed as possible.

Have you started a diet, stopped, tried it again and again?

When did you find results?

When you found the diet with results, did you ever just have that time of the year or year or five years that you just didn’t follow the diet that you knew would help keep you healthy?

Oh, of course! We probably have all done that in our life.

Now, apply that to your child. Exhausting at times and challenging to always be saying NO. Having to pack lunch, snack, special food for just basic trips out of the house. The five stores I have to shop at to find all the foods that he will actually eat that are organic, gluten free, diary free, dye free…the list goes on.

{Special diets have worked and have failed for us.  It was a huge trial and error; full of experimentation.  Even though, I am convinced that changing his diet did in fact help him to begin to speak; becoming verbal at the age of six!  }

So, I caved.

I crashed and burned.

I bought the cereal I loved as a kid and gave it to my child!

He’s happy.

I’m finding more time to clean, write, and relax because my 8 year old can make himself a meal. YUP, a meal! A bowl of cereal.

Now, leave mamma alone for 5 minutes. The amount of food these kids can eat is unreal. So, I caved and gave the cereal with all the junk.

My only win…the unsweetened almond milk in the fridge. It’s the only milk we have unless we picked up free lunches that week from school.

I’ve given myself a pass at this time, considering the pandemic, school closures and riots. But even without those things, we can give ourselves a pass when we need it.

There will be time for more restrictions and time for better eating. Right now we survive.

Happy kids are healthy kids.


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