October is the month my son became verbal

Happy Anniversary to language!

mountain and trees
Photo by Tom & Sini on Pexels.com

A year ago, my 5 year old (soon to turn 6) became verbal!  It’s been a year since we’ve seen a huge jump in language and speech.  I remember the days of one sound/syllable and so much quiet time from him.  I remember the blank looks on his face and the terrible meltdowns over not being able to communicate.  I remember how we used to ask him questions, mostly yes and no questions, and having to wait for him to focus on what we said in order to just get a simple answer.   I remember how hard school was and how much we just wanted to talk with our son.  I remember most realizing that he needed my voice.  He needed me to fight for him and get him access to the right education and the best therapy.   It worked!  The therapy and educational setting worked!  My son will turn 7 on Saturday and he is verbal and learning so fast!

Now, that we are verbal; we do have new problems and challenges.  We probably have Apraxia and that’s ok.  We have a new and great speech therapists that works so hard with our son.  We know that we are not going down hill, or that things are easier but we know what our hill or mountain looks like and we keep finding the right resources to make it further and further.  Someday, we hope to make it to the top.  We may always have to climb but there will be places to rest and areas to celebrate.  Best of all, is the view!  I cry as I write because of how much I love my son and how much he has grown in just one year.   Congratulations to him and his amazing team!



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