Special Thanks



April is National Autism Awareness month and is most often jammed with events and fundraisers.  I went to several great events this month and wish I could have made it too more.  I also wish that we had months of autism awareness.  I wish the opportunities presented to my family in April were available all year long.   I’ve also learned to share my appreciation and gratitude for those events and opportunities.   Thank you to all the great venues, facilities, non-profit groups and individuals who made all the events all over Tampa Bay autism friendly!

Also, a special thanks to all the people who have continued to support our family as we grow and learn about autism.  Thank you for the kind words, the pieces of information, the likes and shares, the financial support or just a friendly face.

A special thank you today, to the people who go unnamed that stand up for children with special needs.  Those of you that do the right thing for the child and seek nothing in return.  Without you, families like mine wouldn’t know the whole truth, we wouldn’t have the big picture.  I believe I will forever be in need of those guardians to help me continue to protect and do right for my son.  Thank you for your support!


I hope that you will continue to stay with our story, become part of our community and support my future and upcoming projects.

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