A Letter to Myself

letter to myself

Dear Ruth,

It’s been a real tough journey over the last year and three years.  You have hung in there well but you cannot keep this pace.  Ruth, you are so strong and Max is so lucky to have you fight for him.  At times, I didn’t know if you or I would make it; we were really struggling.  Don’t cry!  I know that it still hurts you to think about the terrible experiences you had to deal with for and over your son and that you think that you could have done a better job.  Well, you have done an amazing job!  Look at how far your journey has already taken you and your family.  Your son, Max is happy, healthy and in the right school/learning environment for him to learn.  You have grown and learned so much about education, autism, therapy, blogging, time managing, prioritizing, and people.

You have to keep working and you must finish your book and publish this year!  You need to do this for yourself.  Writing the book so far was challenging but so relieving.  I want you to finish because I want to see the final product together and I want the pain and burden of what you went through for your son to lift; so,  you can be stronger, better and more.

It’s time to stop thinking about where you should go or what you need to fit into, and start doing daily what it right for your family.  There will be more battles, you’ve learned that just recently.  Keep your focus on advocating for the community in which you live and never think that your voice isn’t heard or read.  Keep fighting for access to only the best and never stop educating yourself.

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