Getting Approval… Medical Grant for Autism Services


I wanted to come back to this post about our Medical Grant from United Healthcare Children’s Foundation.  I started the grant search process almost a year ago.  We applied and were approved in September of 2016 and had a year to spend the $2,000. We didn’t need long to spend the money but it took several months to get paperwork all together to get our provider the money.  Once you follow the steps below and receive this grant you will have to submit paperwork for payments to process.  You will send the cover letter page from United Healthcare listing the charges.  Then you will mail a paper copy of the invoice or statement from your provider and your insurance explanation of benefits (EOB) for the same charges.  That’s it!   In a few weeks, you will get a monthly statement from the grant that tells how much was paid to the provider.  My doctor was pretty happy when he got a check for $1,000 and then another!    


I did it!  I received my first grant for medical services for my son.  I decided to apply for grants and scholarships at this time because we are waiting for our IEP to be changed from Developmental Delay to Autism Spectrum Disorder.  The grant will cover the portion of the therapy that is our responsibility.  I didn’t even know that grants like these existed.medical grant

Here is what I did:

I found out about this foundation from my insurance team that specializes in specific needs cases like Autism.  Information was forwarded and sent to me about possible grants to help us through this portion of services and support needed.  I researched and found that this was the best option to start with.  Pre-qualify yourself for this grant!   We were eligible on all categories for this grant, others options were not going to fit our family.  I have never written a grant application before. So, I went to the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation and read how it works and how to apply.

United Healthcare Children’s Foundation


Quick Tips: read the FAQ’s and gather all the documents that the application needs.  They have a page that breaks it down for you.  Things I had to find, scan and save as pdf files: tax returns, diagnoses from pediatrician, IEP from school , drivers licence, insurance card, explanations of benefits,  evaluations from the specialists AND a physicians certificate of medical condition.


  • start with the application, filling out all the sections online
  • review the information before going to the next page
  • the application is within a window in the webpage so you may need to zoom in or out to continue with the application
  • save your application if you have to stop for any reason, making sure that you have an account created
  • be sure to attach the files required in each section
  • when the application asks for optional additional information , insert your therapists evaluations or IEP
  • be sure to write an honest, direct message to the board
  • include any insurance explanation of benefits
  • make sure that you know your insurance plans information: deductible and out of pocket maximum
  • once all sections are complete, review and submit
  • check your email to make sure it was submitted
  • wait


I submitted the application  for the United Healthcare Children’s Foundation grant on September 10 (Saturday).  I received an email on the 13th that my application was complete and that it would go to the next board meeting for approval.  On Thursday, September 23rd I received an email with the approval, amount awarded and the date range services would be covered through.  So, in less than 10 business days I had been awarded a grant!


Now, know that this money does not come to me.  There is a process to getting the service paid for.  What the grant will do is pay my portion of the service bill.  The process is written that once the insurance pays their portion of the bill to the provider, I would submit my invoice and explanation of benefits to the grant foundation.  The foundation then sends the payment directly to my therapy provider.  I was just approved so, I have not worked through the process yet.  I will update any changes that I do discover with this process.

Big thanks to my family and friends that have sent me love and encouragement throughout the journey!

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