Autism and the Tooth Fairy

I think he could care less….

the tooth fairy and autism; does my child really get it?

After a long dental surgery to remove five teeth and do other repair work to my 8 year olds teeth, I thought he was finally ready for the tooth fiary. Well, it seems like it is not important to him at all. He didn’t seem excited or interested in getting gold coins and money. It’s as if money has no real significance to him at this time. Well, paper money becuase he does understand my bank card. He is going and getting the card out of my wallet and saying he is ready to go to the bank,

I’n not sure if he understands that the card is for money to buy things or if he just wants to go to the bank to get a lolly pop.

So, how do I parent my typical child to include the tooth fairy and then the tooth fairy leave out my son with autism. He doesn’t seem to belive or care about getting rewarded for loosing a tooth. But my typical child is so excited to losse a tooth and get a surprise from the fairy. She even writes notes and makes pictures for the entire event.

What’s a parent to do?

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